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Greg Richardson
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What exactly does "Drywall By Greg" mean?

Ask yourself this..............

What other surface area in your home has more square footage than your walls and ceilings?
With that in mind you now can see just how important it is to obtain the services of a company who will deliver quality with integrity from start to finish.

Being in the trade for thirty years a lot of thought went into the name.
What is it I want you to know?
What will the name represent?

Most contractors just use what ever sounds good for a name.
To some the name doesn't mean anything.

Scan the yellow pages you'll see exactly what I mean.

Most contractors give you a bid and that is the last time you see them until they are            picking up a check.

As you will find out when you acquire my services I'm not like most contractors.
You aren't having people show up in your home that you've never seen before.

             What good are references after you have signed a contract someone else shows                 up to do the work?
It's like a restaurant recommended to you from a friend.
The night your friend went the cook who knew what they were doing was working.
Then you go experiencing a totally different meal.

That is how it works with a typical Drywall company you get a sub-contractor.

"Drywall By Greg"
means you are hiring Greg Richardson who is on your job site from start to finish.

           For thirty years I've been installing drywall, finishing, repair, every type of texture,                      as well as painting.
I continue to educate myself about the techniques and products used in order to bring more value to the finished product.

When the lights come on shining down your walls and across your ceilings you will know every last dollar you paid for my services was a dollar spent wisely!

It doesn't matter if you have a large remodel to do or one crack.
Buying a house or selling one needing repair?
Water damage repair? Need textured walls skimmed?

What ever the situation calls for I will give your job the attention it needs from start to finish.
You won't find me in the phone book, newspapers, etc.
You are my advertisement.

"Drywall By Greg" 
More than a name!

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